Driving for the first time

After reading this I may sound foolish but its the best thing that happened to me recently. I don’t know how to drive a car, or better to say didn’t knew hot to drive a car till yesterday. I never tried to drive a car earlier because from the last good ten years I have been residing away from home and as far as transportation is concerned , I was solely dependent on my bike. Whenever I went home I never had enough time to learn how to drive.

Yesterday Vivek, my younger brother came to visit me at my place and we being equally crazy for automobiles anonymously decided to rent a car for a day. We tried several online portals and finally went for Zoomcar which provided a pretty decent deal altogether. Since Vivek was a certified driver of Zoomcar and hence as novelty we got good discount on the deal.  God knows how and why I agreed to this but I was pretty much adamant to take this risk in order to extrude the fear from inside.

We took the car from the source and Vivek was driving. After sometime I made up my mind and decided to jump in the driver seat. It was 5 in the evening and we were on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. I took on the driver seat and put on the ignition. Before that my only experience of driving a car was to drive in an open field with no roads but endless land and that too with a guide seating besides me.

Somehow I started to drive and oh boy it was smooth and within minutes I was enjoying the motion. That day I came to know there are four views in a single car, side view mirrors , rear view mirror and the front wind shield of course. Extremely excited and equally nervous I drove for around 40 kilometres and also managed to pass through gridlock traffic on the road without any scratch on the car. Finally when we reached the place to give the car back, we relished with utter pride , joy and feeling of content as one of the checklist was done. Now we are confident of hitting the road next time.

For some it might not be a big deal but for me it was one of the “To Do” list which I stroked off.


Spring !!!

Spring is something which retaliates when released after compression and same the child psychology. The psychology of the child can be understood very well by taking the example of a spring.

Children are what we shape them into and whatever they adapt from surroundings. They are actually mirror of the society. They do whatever they see others do and whatever other tell them to do. They actually behave like and audience who fall in love with any fascinating role model and try to copy them.This can be tempting to see any child acting like anybody else but at the same time it can be negative.

How a child behaves or how he is totally depends upon the culture he is born and raised into. For example a child who is outspoken could have been from a large family or have been always given preference to speak up or being frank, whatever he demanded was fulfilled without much restriction.

Similarly in the families where children are not allowed to express their view ┬ábecome introvert with time and fear to express. There are some families which are very strict and seldom encourage children to enjoy their freedom. This not only kills the creativity in children but also discourage them to try something new. In this scenario “the spring” comes. When the spring is compressed then it retaliate with the same force in order to retain its shape, similarly when we put pressure on the kids they tend to retaliate with same magnitude and mostly in negative way. These kids tend to be more rebel than others.

Child psychology is very sensitive and hence needs proper attention and smart approach rather than crooked old ways which are not even compatible today as the time has changed.

FEAR !!!


Fear is a self gifted trait of any psychology. Fear is a natural part of our conscience and is as obvious as happiness, anger, sadness, joy and much more. It is a feeling which originates from the outer world and then generates from the inner self.

To justify this, best is to take an example of a small baby who has no fear as he has no awareness. You might have seen parents tossing their babies in air only to catch them back wherein the baby has no fear as he is unaware of the aftermath of rising into the air. The baby feels happy and excited as he is only enjoying the ride. Similarly children who draw themselves away from studying or doing hard work are not afraid of the end results because they just don’t realise what would be the impact on their future. We can say that we generate the feeling of fear only when we are aware of our surroundings, in later stage though it can be classified as reality based fear or just a hoax.

Some acts of fear are habitual in nature or better to say superstitious. Like one of my cousin has a very strange habit of touching anything four times. for inference, whenever he touches something like door or wall he touches it again for three times as to complete the routine of four times. We must have many habits like this which are very normal and is just that we have made our mind that doing anything in this manner only will make that thing happen. In reality it doesn’t do anything but only satisfies our inner self. If something is not done in that very manner we tend to feel incomplete or awkward.

Overall, fear is an integral part of our personality and we should always try to overcome the same. Even the most prominent personalities of the world believed in these kind of superstitions.

My side of the story !!!

How we react, burst our emotions totally depend upon how we feel our how we perceive. Whatever we are uttering may not be the whole truth because that is the part that we have seen not the other person. For inference there maybe ‘n’ number of opinions of any decision taken by the government. The reason behind this diversity is the factor of our comfort level with that decision.

We want somebody who is always ready to listen to us but it is really uncomfortable to be in opposite position. Rather saying it as a demerit, it can be termed as a psychological trait. Nowadays we are becoming so much impatient that we only listen our side and become judgemental at the very moment. Without listening the whole story we declare the verdict resulting in chaos, arguments and clashes.

In order to avoid this we should be always ready to see both sides of the coin which in turn will definitely help ourselves because a healthy discussion not only soothes the mind but also infuses our mind with positive things. The basic definition includes its most important characteristic of being a two way entity.Life is not about the win and fail but to grasp the essence of each and every moment be it good or bad.

What is Painting !!!

Painting is an art or skill of applying paint on any surface depicting any picture or imagination. It is an art of expression and OLDEST ART FORM.

First of all we will talk about types of paint:

Tempera: It denotes colour pigments dispersed in water-soluble emulsion for example egg yolk.

Acrylic: In this, colour pigments are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paints are water-soluble but after drying they become water-resistant.

Water colour: Paint made with water-soluble binder like gum.

Fresco: Method of painting water based pigment on freshly applied plaster which becomes integral part of the plaster.

Genres of painting:

There are broadly 10 genres of painting:

1. Abstract Painting

It constitutes colours, shapes and generally no figurative reality.


2. Surrealism

It constitutes positioning of different images to give astonishing effects.


3. Conceptual Art

In this type of art concept is more important than art work like simple images sending big messages.


4. Pop Art

This kind includes comic strip, advertising, brochure, etc.


5. Photo realism

This art resembles reality and looks realistic as a photograph.


6. Hyper realism

This art includes high resolution pictures which are painted and can also be referred as advance version of photo realism.


7. Minimalism

This art is characterised by simplicity. Only necessary things are given emphasis.


8. Futurism

This art includes subject like technology, speed, future, violence, peace, etc.


9. Impressionism

This art includes thin brush strokes and mainly emphasises on depiction of light.


10. Fauvism

This art characterises strong colour and wild brush strokes.fauvism

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Nuisance of winner and loser !!!

From a daily wage labourer to a prime minister of a country, everybody is in a race, a race to prove himself, a race to defy himself, a race to emerge out better than yesterday. This is the essence of life , this is the motive of what we are going through.

This is a very nice stature of life, at least if considered an ideal situation. If we ponder upon the case of children we can see there is an enormous pressure exerted on them by society, family, relatives and friends. A child does not know what he is able to do, in spite of knowing the areas of opportunities he is pushed in the “death well” of performance where he has only one option i.e. only to get great results, if not then he is a loser.

Going through all this he grows up and like a rapid stream of water which carries with itself sand as well as gravel, symbolising the trend of society. If you are not doing this job, then you are not doing a job. Few marks are already decided, outstanding which you lose. If we were not able to achieve anything we try to put that onto shoulders of our descendants and without realising we make a failure out of them.

Only thing I wish to say is that the rule of success is to do better in a field which we like rather than wasting time, energy and zeal in what others like and we don’t. Even if you don’t make up to be a billionaire , you will be happy and contended that at least you have lived for what you believed for, in one life which is all you have got.



Life Is Complicated

Life is not at all symmetric like the engine thump or the ups and down of ECG graph nor as can be explained by someone else. Your life is as unique as a fingerprint or an iris. Only you are liable and answerable to how to deal with everything going on in your life.

Usually we tend to ask someone, we feel better or more advance, the tactic to solve any problem or to face any hurdle in whereabouts of our life. We ask for and we get it because the easiest job in the world is to give an advice. We always have solution to almost all of the problem anybody could ask for, but we always fail to help ourselves.

In my opinion there is only one person who understands me which is me and no one else. If anybody else is giving any solution to your problem then it is his way or approach of solving the problem not yours. I am not saying that everybody is wrong but yes there are few people who can be taken into consideration anytime, like our family or our closest friends. They will always try to help you and we should be always thankful to them.

What I really want to say is that whatever problem you are facing, you are the only one to ace it because no one understands you better than yourself. Only you know how much you can stretch yourself and prove yourself. There is no doubt that in order to achieve something you need a proper guidance and that’s for sure a constant entity.

The only mantra is to go by your instinct, seeking approval from yourself and words of wisdom from the ones whom you can count upon. Whatever you do, whenever you do must be justifiable to your soul because unit of life is only “one” and that is all you have. In spite of crying over spilled milk, see that shining sun above.