Driving for the first time

After reading this I may sound foolish but its the best thing that happened to me recently. I don’t know how to drive a car, or better to say didn’t knew hot to drive a car till yesterday. I never tried to drive a car earlier because from the last good ten years I have been residing away from home and as far as transportation is concerned , I was solely dependent on my bike. Whenever I went home I never had enough time to learn how to drive.

Yesterday Vivek, my younger brother came to visit me at my place and we being equally crazy for automobiles anonymously decided to rent a car for a day. We tried several online portals and finally went for Zoomcar which provided a pretty decent deal altogether. Since Vivek was a certified driver of Zoomcar and hence as novelty we got good discount on the deal.  God knows how and why I agreed to this but I was pretty much adamant to take this risk in order to extrude the fear from inside.

We took the car from the source and Vivek was driving. After sometime I made up my mind and decided to jump in the driver seat. It was 5 in the evening and we were on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. I took on the driver seat and put on the ignition. Before that my only experience of driving a car was to drive in an open field with no roads but endless land and that too with a guide seating besides me.

Somehow I started to drive and oh boy it was smooth and within minutes I was enjoying the motion. That day I came to know there are four views in a single car, side view mirrors , rear view mirror and the front wind shield of course. Extremely excited and equally nervous I drove for around 40 kilometres and also managed to pass through gridlock traffic on the road without any scratch on the car. Finally when we reached the place to give the car back, we relished with utter pride , joy and feeling of content as one of the checklist was done. Now we are confident of hitting the road next time.

For some it might not be a big deal but for me it was one of the “To Do” list which I stroked off.