My side of the story !!!

How we react, burst our emotions totally depend upon how we feel our how we perceive. Whatever we are uttering may not be the whole truth because that is the part that we have seen not the other person. For inference there maybe ‘n’ number of opinions of any decision taken by the government. The reason behind this diversity is the factor of our comfort level with that decision.

We want somebody who is always ready to listen to us but it is really uncomfortable to be in opposite position. Rather saying it as a demerit, it can be termed as a psychological trait. Nowadays we are becoming so much impatient that we only listen our side and become judgemental at the very moment. Without listening the whole story we declare the verdict resulting in chaos, arguments and clashes.

In order to avoid this we should be always ready to see both sides of the coin which in turn will definitely help ourselves because a healthy discussion not only soothes the mind but also infuses our mind with positive things. The basic definition includes its most important characteristic of being a two way entity.Life is not about the win and fail but to grasp the essence of each and every moment be it good or bad.


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