What is Painting !!!

Painting is an art or skill of applying paint on any surface depicting any picture or imagination. It is an art of expression and OLDEST ART FORM.

First of all we will talk about types of paint:

Tempera: It denotes colour pigments dispersed in water-soluble emulsion for example egg yolk.

Acrylic: In this, colour pigments are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paints are water-soluble but after drying they become water-resistant.

Water colour: Paint made with water-soluble binder like gum.

Fresco: Method of painting water based pigment on freshly applied plaster which becomes integral part of the plaster.

Genres of painting:

There are broadly 10 genres of painting:

1. Abstract Painting

It constitutes colours, shapes and generally no figurative reality.


2. Surrealism

It constitutes positioning of different images to give astonishing effects.


3. Conceptual Art

In this type of art concept is more important than art work like simple images sending big messages.


4. Pop Art

This kind includes comic strip, advertising, brochure, etc.


5. Photo realism

This art resembles reality and looks realistic as a photograph.


6. Hyper realism

This art includes high resolution pictures which are painted and can also be referred as advance version of photo realism.


7. Minimalism

This art is characterised by simplicity. Only necessary things are given emphasis.


8. Futurism

This art includes subject like technology, speed, future, violence, peace, etc.


9. Impressionism

This art includes thin brush strokes and mainly emphasises on depiction of light.


10. Fauvism

This art characterises strong colour and wild brush strokes.fauvism

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