Nuisance of winner and loser !!!

From a daily wage labourer to a prime minister of a country, everybody is in a race, a race to prove himself, a race to defy himself, a race to emerge out better than yesterday. This is the essence of life , this is the motive of what we are going through.

This is a very nice stature of life, at least if considered an ideal situation. If we ponder upon the case of children we can see there is an enormous pressure exerted on them by society, family, relatives and friends. A child does not know what he is able to do, in spite of knowing the areas of opportunities he is pushed in the “death well” of performance where he has only one option i.e. only to get great results, if not then he is a loser.

Going through all this he grows up and like a rapid stream of water which carries with itself sand as well as gravel, symbolising the trend of society. If you are not doing this job, then you are not doing a job. Few marks are already decided, outstanding which you lose. If we were not able to achieve anything we try to put that onto shoulders of our descendants and without realising we make a failure out of them.

Only thing I wish to say is that the rule of success is to do better in a field which we like rather than wasting time, energy and zeal in what others like and we don’t. Even if you don’t make up to be a billionaire , you will be happy and contended that at least you have lived for what you believed for, in one life which is all you have got.




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