The PUSH !!!

“When a little birdie is born its mother should wrap in a very soft cloth, give it a very warming and comfy temperature and what not…” This is an expectation of most of us or better to say all of us if we are having humanity in ourselves but this not the law of nature. On reality ground, when baby bird experiences its feathers, the mother bird pushes the baby off the branch the number of times required by the baby to learn flying. This is the only reason birds fly , free from any harness, where ever they want to and whatever height they wish for.

Similar goes with the giraffe. When the baby giraffe is born the very first thing mother giraffe does is to kick it hard, again and again, until the baby giraffe stand on its wobbly legs and starts running. This hard rule of nature is to ensure that each and everyone is able to survive on its own. Initially it seems inhuman and rude but it is a major reason of successful life.

In our life similar conditions arrive often in which life through its circumstances give so much hardship that if we cope with same , we emerge out as champions. In these times we need that push, that trigger which makes us realise that what we are here for and what is more to be done in order to mere sustain. We should not pass these problems to our fate, rather take them on own shoulders and bring out a winner in our self.


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